My Favorite Images From 2012

I thought I would put together what I consider to be my top ten images from 2012.  Some of them are far from my most popular, but all of them hold great memories for me.  In order of the date that they where taken.

“Southern Skies”
This was the first time I tried stitching together a landscape astrophotography panorama.  Stitching is far from perfect but it sparked a love affair of nightsky panos.

“Rising Tide”
I researched and checked out this location months in advance.  As soon as time and the weather allowed I  headed back.  By already being familiar with the location it was a lot easier to compose this shot.

“The Transit Of Venus”
Last chance in a lifetime event.  By far the longest time I have ever spent on an image.  Months of planning and experimentation to find the right technique.  Two hours of setting up and packing away the gear on the day.  Over 6 hours of imaging and about 10 hours of image editing to bring it all together into this single image.

“The Hanging Gardens”
9 image vertical panorama.  The night I discovered the “magic moon” phase.  Bright enough to light up the landscape, but not so bright to wash out the Milky Way.

“The Golden Mountain”
Cradle Mountain, Tasmania.  Sometimes you just get lucky.  Managed to get a break in the snow clouds which allowed the sun to bathe the mountain in soft golden hour light.  The only sunlight I saw all day.

“The Sentinel”
10 image panorama.  Driving home from work a different way that I usually go I noticed this rock formation.  A few hours later I had this shot.

“Beam Me Up”
Single 30 second exposure + twirling a head lamp around myself = fun under the stars.  Really happy with how the light painting turned out in this.

“Earth, Air, Fire and Water”
My first time capturing an Aurora Australis display on camera after several failed trips.

“Aurora Australis”
Taken the very next night after the previous image.  With the aurora display still going but not as strong as the previous night I wanted to try and find a nicer composition.

“Pioneering Spirit”
Wallaces Hut, Alpine National Park.  After a month or so of not doing much photography due to work commitments and poor weather I was desperate to get away from the house as soon as work finished for the year.

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11 thoughts on “My Favorite Images From 2012

  1. That last one’s the winner for me by a mile. It has a painterly feel to it and would be excellent if it was just the hut – the fact that you’ve got all that night sky goodness going on too is the icing on the cake. Keep on keeping on, Greg.

  2. It is inspiring to see a visual artist push the boundaries of perception and expectation with such clarity, insight and technique. Your work is inspirational! I’ve shot star tracks since the early 80’s in the American West, but your work shows me so much more than my simple images. Should you make it out to Arizona one day, give me a jingle. I know locations you’d love to shoot, your way…

    Kerrick James

  3. Sooooo beautiful!!! You have such a talent and are suited to such a unique and refreshing view of or world! Thank you for sharing with us!

    • Hi Michele,
      Please stay tuned. I hope to have an announcement in regards to prints very shortly. I don’t currently offer prints. I think I know the image you are talking about but it is not one of mine and I can’t think of the photographers name of the top of my head.

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